Local Recording Services

If you are interested in recording your band, or write music and record just vocals in the Los Angeles area then I would love to work with you on your project. I have a mobile rack with an Apollo Twin, Focusrite Octopre mkii, Motu828, and a UA 710 preamp. With this rack I have up to 10 live inputs of recording at once along with 4 stereo mixes for the musicians going out so that recording will be easy for full bands and even better for tracking each instrument. I also write music for solo artists if you need music/vocal recording. In Burbank I have a rehearsal space that we can use to record if you do not have a space, or my mobile rig can go wherever is best for your band/artist to record. Depending on the band size and job my price is very flexible, I want to record amazing music with talented people. I will provide all the stems from the recording so that you can mix and master if you would like as well. Lastly, I can provide a small 3pc jazz drumset if you are in need of one for recording. Contact about what you're looking for and we'll work out an amazing price and feel free to ask any questions!